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The Ship Rudder Symbolize Meaning

Have you ever heard someone being called rudderless? I know you have. You will hear often people describing a person who has lost direction as rudderless. The question is, what is the rudder and why would a person who has lost direction in life for any reason be described as rudderless? This article will help you to know more about the rudder, the symbols associated with it, and the impact it keeps having on the human race since its invention.

What Does Rudder Mean?

But what is the rudder? The rudder is both:

· A mechanical steering component

· A symbol

The rudder is a primary steering component used for maneuvering ships and aircraft.

The rudder is also used as a symbol to describe those who have taken charge of their lives. It denotes you defining the path of your life and actively directing it while defying the storms of life to arrive at the exact destination you have purposed to.

The rudder also means the power within each one of us to decide the course that our lives take.

What Does Rudder Symbolism Mean?

Rudder symbolism involves using the rudder as a symbol for other unrelated human situations and circumstances. The rudder is personified and empowered to describe human circumstances and attributes like determination, direction, and resilience.

The next examples illustrate rudder symbolism. They depict the various adoptions of the rudder in situations away from the sea and air where it controls ships and planes.


Lifelike the sea can be calm or stormy. Life is also inherently unpredictable. The shake-ups that arise from these uncertainties may derail you and drift you away from the shores into the unknown. Rudder symbolizes the ability to sail through the storms and find your way back to the shores. We mentioned earlier that a man or a woman is described as rudderless when he or she has lost it. Rudder represents the endless pursuit of direction, peace, and calm as we journey in life. It means finding your way back to your true north when you get lost along the way.


The rudder is also symbolic of change. It may be a change in direction, a rise to the next level, or taking a different decision about your life and circumstances. The rudder symbolizes movement towards stability guided by it. It denotes all the changes you make as a person to get to a better place or to pull yourself from a dark one.


The rudder is always used to move forward and chart new courses. The same analogy is used in its symbolism about the handling of practical life situations. The rudder always sets the course and controls movement. A rudder mentality requires a mindset that is unafraid of uncharted waters and new territories.

4.Security-Safety in a Storm

The rudder also typifies assurance and safety in tough and dangerous situations. It exemplifies the confidence that everything is under control and provides the assurance when life gets messy. Getting hold of the rudder of your life and taking charge confirms that you will hang in there with the unshakeable faith that the storm will pass. The rudder is a symbol of calm and stability in turmoil.


In the same way that large ships and gigantic planes are commandeered with the rudder, it remains a symbol of strong leadership that can be ignored yet so powerful to control and chat a course for things larger than it. Leadership is about leaving above self and dedicating yourself to a course and the people for impact. Ships, as large as they, are controlled by a tiny rudder and they respond. Despite its size, the rudder is so powerful that it single-handedly decides the direction of the ship.

rudder tattoo

What Do Rudder Tattoos Designs Mean?

Rudder tattoo designs are tattoos that feature the rudder predominantly either as a single item or combined with other items.

The rudder tops the list of images that tattoo enthusiasts ink on the canvas of their bodies globally. The rudder as a symbol associated with going forward is a hot cake for that reason. Many people chose to have rudder tattoos on them because of the sentiment meanings and messages that carry.

That said, here is a list of some of the most demanded tattoo designs centered on the rudder. They feature single pieces or the rudder and a combination of words or other symbols and images.

If you love tattoos, you can get one for yourself from these next ideas:

1.Rudder + Anchor

This combination is a favorite for couples. The anchor stands for support while the rudder stands for forging ahead. This is done as a reminder and a special reminder to the couples. It is akin to a deeper level of wedding ring commitment. It cements a message of loyalty and stability.

2.Rudder + Compasses

This combination is a reminder of direction. It is a favorite of people who have overcome great challenges to arrive at their destinations. It is among the most aesthetically beautiful tattoos you will ever come across. You can try it if you love it and it means something to you.

3.Rudder + Name

They are always inked by people who have decided to take a new direction in life. Rudder plus name tattoos are an announcement to the world that it should watch out because you are coming and you are unstoppable.

4.Small Rudder Tattoos

This is another tattoo idea you may try. They are single tattoos mostly for individuals looking for a reminder that inspires them to keep going.

We can draw vital life lessons from the rudder to keep us grounded when the storms of life threaten to sweep us adrift. We can also decide to take charge of our lives and chat about new courses because we must never lose the rudder. For the lovers of skin ink, you can put a permanent reminder on yourself to make sure that at all times you never forget who you are, where you are going and why you are going.

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