Zircon starfish ring



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Name: Zircon starfish ring
Color: Silver & Multicolor
Material: Stainless steel
Size length: Resizable
Weight: about 5g
Style: Pirate & Lovers
Elements: Zircon & Starfish

Zircon Crystal is a very popular and bright gemstone used for its spiritual and physical healing properties.It represents happiness, prosperity, chastity, positive energy, honor, purity, and spiritual protection. It is associated with all the chakras and can combine their strengths by aligning them.

The starfish spirit animal represents your intuition, and how your instincts are usually right. If you sense that something is amiss, don’t do it — your first guess is usually the best.The meaning of the starfish also speaks about infinite divine love, just like the meaning of the falcon. It is commonly used to represent Virgin Mary as Star of the Sea, guide and protector to those who are traveling in troubled waters.It also represents your energies of brilliance and vigilance because of its connection to the stars.

Each ring is precisely handmade. The process of making one ring can take up to two days – it requires the closest attention to ensure the highest possible quality.

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Silver, Multicolor


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