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The Viking word Mjölnir means “Crusher”, and was the name of the magical hammer wielded by Thor, the son of Odin. This finely made double-sided pendant pays homage to that mighty weapon, and uses the Viking Jelling style of artwork to portray the face of the God of thunder, Thor, and the heads of two dragon-beasts on the front. It is a double-sided pendant, so each side is finished and has a different design.

Name: Viking dragon thor’s Hammer necklace
Material: titanium steel
Weight: about 30 grams
– Unique Thor Face and Dragon-Beast Artwork.
– Double-Sided.
– Solid Metal (Not Hollow).
– Handmade.
– Not Mass-Produced in a Factory.
– A Genuine Leather Neck Cord or stainless steel chain is Included

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Stainless steel chain, Leather cord


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