Viking Berserker with Mjolnir Short Sleeve T-shirt with Hood



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Name: Viking Berserker with Mjolnir Short Sleeve T-shirt with Hood
Color: Black + Gray
Material: Polyester fiber
Style: Viking
Elements: Berserker with Mjolnir


Viking Berserker T-shirt Meaning:
The so-called “Berserker” refers to a kind of tough warriors in Norse mythology. As Vikings lived in the freezing Nordic region where the strongest land animal was bear, they particularly worshipped bears. The lifestyle of Vikings determined that they were often involved in cold arms battles where physical ability was the decisive factor to the victory. Vikings worshipped bears and believed that they could obtain bear-like power when wearing bearskin. Therefore, the tall and strong soldiers in Viking troops wore bearskin, used heavy weapons such as axes, and fought as elites.

Viking Mjolnir T-shirt Meaning:
Perhaps the most recognizable symbol of Norse mythology is the hammer, renowned as the magical hammer wielded by Thor, the god of thunder and lightning. This particular hammer T-shirt has a wealth of symbolism on it, including a spiral, a triquetra (or trinity knot), a large Valknut, an Algiz rune, and a large Teiwaz rune. We won’t get into the symbolism and meaning of all of these symbols here, but in short, this pendant represents strength, protection, victory in life and in death, and the power of Asgard. It’s epic in both design and importance.

Read more>>What Does the Mjolnir Symbol Mean?

Product Features:
Loose classic style regular short-sleeve t-shirt . Perfect graphic design tee for lovers of Viking history, Vikings movies, Norse Mythology, Scandinavian culture, pagan Metal fans.
3D Novelty Graphic Print Cool Shirts,Summer Short Sleeve Pullover T Shirts,Crewneck Tee Shirts.
Each T-shirt is precisely handmade. The process of making one T-shirt can take up to three days– it requires the closest attention to ensure the highest possible quality.

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