Pirate Boat anchor leather rope bracelet




Name: Pirate Boat anchor leather rope bracelet
Color: Black
Material: Stainless steel + leather rope
Perimeter: Resizable
Weight: about 30g
Style: Pirate
Elements: Boat anchor

The earliest known symbolic meanings of the anchor are safety and hope, however, here are also early coins with the anchor depicted to honor Neptune the Greek/Roman god of the sea.

The cross within the anchor represents the unity of spirit and matter, and masculinity.The crescent moon shape created by the flukes represents femininity and the womb.The two flukes represent the love between two people who serve to keep each other level-headed. Anchors symbolic meanings stem from how they are used and what they represent to a ship’s crew, and with so many meanings the anchor is one of the more universal and adaptable symbols.

Each bracelet is precisely handmade. The process of making one bracelet can take up to two days – it requires the closest attention to ensure the highest possible quality.

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