Norse Viking wolf head thor hammer necklace pendant





Name: Norse Viking wolf head thor hammer necklace pendant
Material: titanium steel
Sizes Available: width 8.0 length 50cm or 60cm or 70cm

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This necklace features a extra large highly detailed sculptured stainless steel Odin and Wolf Head Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir. It includes a Stainless steel necklace. It’s a great look for him or her, with casual wear or something more fancy.

Odin is the Norse Mythology God. Vikings first, then people down through time have worn a Thor’s hammer to reflect their belief in the Norse Gods and Thor’s power in particular to protect them. It also was a symbol of virility and fertility. Many of the ancient hammer designs discovered bore image of animals that the Vikings believed to be strong and resilient. Over time Thor’s Hammers become a powerful symbol worn to show one’s self confidence, courage and strength – as well as to share with others your interest in the God’s, heroes and legends of yesterday.

Like all fashion jewelry it should not be exposed to moisture – like in the ocean, pool, lake, shower, etc. If it does get wet it should be dried with a soft cloth then air dried. Never clean your necklace with harsh cleaning chemicals – only a soft damp cloth followed by drying with a soft dry cloth. Following these recommendations will ensure your necklace continues to look like new for decades to come.

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