Nordic Viking Odin necklace


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Name: Nordic Viking Odin necklace
Color: steel
Material: titanium steel
Weight: about 30 grams
To Viking people, the axe was the ultimate tool. It served as a tool for harvesting resources such as chopping wood, was employed in construction techniques, and also served as an instrument of war. That’s why its only fitting that we offer an axe blade as a pendant in homage to its versatility and importance. This particular axe blade is adorning with a large center Valknut, some beautiful knotwork, and topped with a small Triskele or Triskelion. The triangular symbol known as the Valknut is enigmatic, but was often associated with death and the power of Odin to magically strengthen or weaken warriors in battle. The Triskele symbol located at the top of this pendant symbolizes movement and progress through the three cycles of Life, Death, and Rebirth. Altogether, these elements create a striking and powerful design.
This pendant is double-sided, so each side is finished and has the same design on the front and back. It has a nice solid weight to it, as it is made of polished steel and has been coated with a clear anti-rust finish which will uphold and protect it through the years.


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