Celtic knot & Triquetra Battle Axe necklace pendant




Name: Celtic knot & Triquetra Battle Axe necklace pendant

Material: Stainless Steel

Pendant Sizes-Available: Weight 13mm , Height 42mm

Weight: 14.2g

Style: Retro,Celtic,viking

Elements: Triquetra,Battle Axe,Celtic knot

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About the Triquetra Axe necklace:

For a long period of time, the axe has gained a considerable fame due to its close attachment to the Viking both in normal life and on the battlefield. Accordingly, the axe symbol has been a great source of inspiration for the jewelry designs as it expresses the power, victory, and the fear of being threatened.

The Triquetra, on the other hand, is known as the connection with the Gods and higher powers. For many, the Triquetra symbol represents the invocation of deities guarding around, of everlasting wisdom, and of spiritual support.

Inspired by every story behind every symbol, BaviPower combines these two symbols – the axe and the Triquetra – to give out the design of Stainless Steel Triquetra Battle Axe Pendant. This pendant is subtly decorated with the two symbols of Triquetra next to the Kolovrat sun wheel. Above the long Celtic knot is a Runic letter named as Algiz which means protection from enemies. With such meaningful design, BaviPower believes this pendant will be your perfect choice for jewelry.


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