Vikings History

How did the Vikings get married

How did the Vikings get married?

Viking marriages were arranged by families for contractual and political reasons. The marriage was between two consenting people who were barely adults. When you think of Vikings, what comes to mind? Violent raiders and invaders, covered in tattoos, reversed mullets, and carrying brandished weapons. Hollywood’s depiction of Vikings is responsible for this perception of ruthlessness

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Vikings Travel

How Far Did Vikings Travel?

The Vikings loved to travel and explore and it is believed that they explored America before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. The young Viking men traveled far and wide looking for sources of wealth, and that is why they looted and even engaged in slave trade among other income-generating activities. The Vikings didn’t travel all

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What Did the Vikings Do

What Did the Vikings Do?

The Vikings explored every dimension of life, for one they were explorer’s and masses of them traveled far and wide from their native homelands in durably built ships. They also settled peacefully in areas where their ships docked, they were however not a very friendly lot as they did a lot of misdeeds. For example,

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