Pirates History

Why Did Pirates Wear Earrings

Why Did Pirates And Sailors Wear Earrings? (5 Interesting Reasons)

Movies and books about pirates are full of flashy images of pirates in unique and flashy jewelry. Pirates indeed wore earrings but you should also know that their earrings and jewelry were more than just mere fashion statements. Here is a deep look at why pirates wore earrings and other jewelry: Pirates wore earrings as …

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Pirates Drink

What Do Pirates Drink?

Pirates are often characterized as drunkards and always ready for a drunken brawl. Their primary drink was rum, wine, and ale, and each served a different purpose. What if there was a perfectly good reason why they were somewhat drunk most of the time? Did pirates drink wine? Pirates did drink wine though that wasn’t …

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Pirate Flag Jolly Roger

What Do Pirate Flags Mean?

Flags on ships were a common sight on the sea. Ships hoisted different flags mainly to represent their nationality. The pirates sought to build a unique representation of themselves, and they designed their flag. The most common flag is the Jolly Roger, characteristic of a skull sitting on top of crossbones on a black background. …

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