What is Celtic Dara knot

What Does the Dara Knot Symbol Mean?

My mind has registered a lot of encounters that my eyes have had with the Dara Celtic knot either on skins as tattoos, drawn on t shirts or as simple art work displayed by the roads or screens. It is interesting to learn that these drawings aren’t just done for the sake of drawing, but that they have deep meanings and are highly regarded. The Dara Celtic knot, originating from the Celts in Western Europe and Britain basically represents the oak tree and its root system that goes deep into the ground, intertwined and interlocked to establish a perfect grip on the ground. This grip makes the oak tree one of a kind, in the manner in which it remains stable and withstands all the harsh environmental pressure, as a result of its root system. The Dara knot symbol is highly cherished by those who know about it, as it is conveys the inner strength from whence the energy to meander through the tough times of life comes. This is not all there is to learn about the Celtic Dara Knot.

What is Celtic Dara knot

What is Celtic Dara knot?

Celtic knots are symbols that consist of patterns of spirals, keys, braids steps designed for purposes both religious and secular. They are based on seven dominant classes of living things namely, plant, bird, insect, reptile fish and mammal. This knot depicts the regard with which the Celts held the oak trees, with special attention to root system that is responsible for keeping the tree upright by giving it the special support. The Dara knot conveys the strength of the oak tree that it draws from its root system that keeps it stable all through. The oak tree has multiple lines, strongly intertwined with no clear beginning or end and is a perfect representation of the cycle of life that is never ending.

In the modern world, people wear the Dara knot in jewelry, in tattoos or even on t shirts. As varied in appearance as they may be given the diversity of art and design, the Dara knot’s main theme has remained to convey the oak tree and its root system from whence it draws its strength, fertility, resilience, growth giving it the firm grips stability and energy to last long.

The History and origin of the Celtic Dara knot

The term Celtic is used to refer to people who lived in the Western Europe and Britain in the ancient days, approximately from 500BC to 400AD.  They were so deep in culture and a culture without symbols is not even a culture.  The Celts had multiple symbols that had different purpose and meanings. These symbols included knots like the Celtic Dara knot that had incredible meaning and has since been passed to generations in order to continue the rich heritage. The word Dara was derived from the Irish term “doire” which refers to the oak tree. The first knot work done looked exactly like the root system of an oak tree and hence the name Dara knot.

Ancient Celts used these knots to ornament Christian monuments and temples. However, these symbols were also used for secular reasons and can be seen today in terms of patterns such as keys, steps, plaits and spirals.

What does Dara knot symbol mean

What does Dara knot symbol mean?

Dara Celtic knot has had its meanings vary and change over the years. The primary origin however has remained to symbolize the oak tree. The oak tree was viewed as sacred and its root system from where the term Celtic Dara knot name originated represents the source inner divine source and strength that we all possess. It conveys the importance we ought to give to our instincts and to trust it to lead us perfectly in everything we do. Each of us usually has a push, a self-motivation, a self-drive that motivates one to move to heights that were earlier on imagined to be unachievable. The energy to pick up your pieces and carry one amidst the dwindles of life. As discussed earlier, the knots represent an unending cycle of life where the end of one situation is the beginning of the next and the cycle continues, but also teaches us in making rounds on the goals we have and keeping pushing with the strong belief that everything will fall into place. All you have to do is keep encouraging yourself and forging ahead in order that your dream may come true. It also shows the abundance of good luck and opportunities that are available for grasp for anyone who wishes to accumulate wealth.

The Celtic Dara knot also depicts unity as a virtue. From how the patterns intertwine around each other, it teaches us to unite during tough times in order to survive. It is easier to break down a piece of stick when it’s on its own but when you put several together, it becomes difficult and almost impossible. Unity makes every group of people be it a nation, a community, a family, an organization or even a political movement to go further. Scholars say that ‘if you want to move faster, go alone but if you want to reach far, go with people.’

The knot also reminds us about the inborn divine inner strength that helps us to remain stable amid even the harshest of conditions. The root system of an oak tree gives this illustration perfectly.

Oak trees are known to be resistant even to lightning, they in fact provide mistletoe in the middle of winter, depicting great endurance and power. They do not bow to the outside pressures that the environment throws at them but keep their focus on the root system from their inner self to keep going and to remain stable.


Those who depend on motivations from elsewhere other than from within themselves give up when the motivation is withdrawn for whatever reason. But when the push comes from within, the journey of pursuing success never ends until the target is met. Celtic Dara knot reminds us to be motivated from in within for it is the amount of energy that can sustain us and see us through the hurdles.

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