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St. Brigid’s Cross Symbol

What Does St. Brigid’s Cross Symbol Mean?

The Irish people have a beautiful tradition that surrounds the fifteenth-century Saint Brigid. The saint Brigid’s cross is solidly a Christian symbol. Other writings claim

What is Celtic Dara knot

What Does the Dara Knot Symbol Mean?

My mind has registered a lot of encounters that my eyes have had with the Dara Celtic knot either on skins as tattoos, drawn on

What Else Did Pirates Do

What do pirates do for fun?

Pirates have existed for a long time. They date back to 1650 in the era of Henry Morgan and Bartholomew Roberts, some of the most

Celtic Tree Of Life

What Does The Celtic Tree Of Life Symbol Mean?

The Celtic Tree of life is an important symbol with immense significance in the ancient Celtic culture and worldwide featured in varying representations all over the world and in all religions.

Pirates Drink

What Do Pirates Drink?

Pirates are often characterized as drunkards and always ready for a drunken brawl. Their primary drink was rum, wine, and ale, and each served a

Golden Age of Piracy

What Caused the Golden Age of Piracy?

During the golden age of piracy, the robbery of goods from merchant ships became higher than at any other time recorded in history. During this

Pirate Hats

What Are Pirate Hats Called?

A pirate is known as a robber who travels by water. Ancient history says that despite pirates being known as daring, evil, brutish, and aggressive,