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What is ginnungagap in norse mythology?

Every religion has its own creation story. They each have their understanding and belief system of how the universe came to exist. The Norse religion,


What does the celtic boar symbolize?

Originally from the European regions, the celts have reduced in number over the passing years. This is due to the innovation and development that have

What does yggdrasil symbolize and meaning?

What does yggdrasil symbolize and meaning?

Many cultures or religions are known to worship nature, especially mountain and trees. The Norse people had a tree they revered and considered holy, called

Did vikings drink coffee?

Did vikings drink coffee?

For coffee lovers, it’s difficult to imagine starting the day without at least one cup of freshly brewed coffee. Vikings also valued their brewed drinks.

How Did Vikings Navigate

How Did Vikings Navigate?

Imagine embarking on a journey in which you don’t have a clear route to your destination and no form of direction. It’s unlikely that you’ll

Did Vikings Have Piercings?

Did Vikings Have Piercings?

When you think of Vikings, one would mostly picture large, intimidating, and strong individuals, who oozed dominance and power. Their appearance easily instilled fear in


Top 6 most famous viking kings

Scandinavian history establishes the Viking Age as a period from the earliest record raids by skilled Norsemen in 793 until the Norman conquest of England


What are the nine worlds in Norse mythology?

Norse cosmology studies the cosmos based on the North Germanic people’s perceptions. It attempts to explain nearly all vital concepts of Norse mythology such as